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Danish Voice Multilanguages Translator Anobic VT DN

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Voice translator Anobic VT Danish
Multilanguages voice translator Anobic VT DN. (Danish version)

Multilanguages voice translator Anobic VT DN. (Danish version)

Meet Anobic VT DN, the world's first smart pocket translator... Voice Translator Anobic VT DN is two-way voice translation in 35 languages (incl. danish language and localization)...

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Equipment parameter:

  • Brand: Anobic VT (Danish version, cross-translation)
  • Product name: language voice translator
  • Features: Voice Recognition
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Main chip:  MT6737V
  • Size:129 x 59,2 x 12,6 mm
  • Weight:133 gr
  • Screen size: 2.4 inch
  • Touch screen: IPS Capacitive touch screen
  • Network connection: WAP/WiFi 802.11b/g, 3G, 4G
  • Battery: 1300 m/Ah Lithium Battery
  • Standby time: 10 days
  • Long working time: 8 hours
  • Charging voltage: 5V/1A
  • Slots: Micro USB port, TF card slot (max 32GB)
  • OS: Android
  • Special Function: Scenes recognition, Grammar analysis, Algorithm processing, Automatic cloud data update
  • Support 35 languages freely translation each other:
Czech, Slovak, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese, Russian, French , French (Canada) , Polish, Danish, German, Arabic, Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Portugaština (Brazil), Japanese, Swedish ,Thai, Rečtina , Spanělština, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese (Cantonese)...
  • Standard Accessories: 1xAnobic VT AR, adapter AC/DC, PC-Link

Price: 319.00

Product highlights:

Support 35 languages: Arabic, Czech, Slovak, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, Japanese, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Indian, Danish, Thai, Finnish, French (Canada), Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish... and so on. The number of language will increase constantly when you update the translator.

Voice translate:

Danish<->Chinese (Mandarin), Danish<->English, Danish<->Japanese, Danish<->Russian,  Danish<-French,
Danish<->French (Canada) , Danish<->Polish, English<->Danish, Danish<->German, Greek<->Danish,
Danish<->Finnish, Danish<->Korean, Danish->Dutch, Danish<->Romanian, Danish->Portuguese,
Danish<->Portugaština (Brazil), Danish<->Czech, Danish<->Swedish, Danish<->Thai, Danish<->Spanish,
Danish<->Slovak, Danish<->Italian, Danish<->Chinese (Cantonese)...


Translator Anobic VT DN (incl. danish language and localization) is two-way voice translation in 35 languages, thanks to which it will be no longer a problem for you to understand people while traveling around the world. Do you travel and discover new places? Do you need to translate a language? You certainly remember the unpleasant situations that occured because of the language barrier. Not anymore!

This Anobic VT DN Translator, containing up to 35 incredible languages will make your communication abroad easy for you. With this unique language tool, new opportunities are waiting for you all over the world! It is intended for everyone, whether children or older people, who will appreciate easy use of the translator.

How does it actually work?

The Anobic VT DN is equipped with a built-in 2,4" touchscreen LCD and a dual system of high-quality speakers and microphones. One microphone and speaker is on the front side of device, through which you can speak the message in your own language, and a man beside you (foreign person) will instantly hear the translation into his language.
And, in return, a foreign person can tell the answer in his language, through the microphone and speaker on the back side of the device, and you will hear instantly the translation in your language.

If you want to translate some text or words into another language, simply press and hold the blue microphone button and release it after the spoken message (text) is over. Within 1-2 seconds, the translator translates your message in the form of text viewed on the display, and this message will also be launched in the audio form. If you want to translate what the other person tells you, simply press and hold the red microphone button and release it again when the message is finished. The whole process is incredibly simple.

Can Langie translate really reliably?

Anobic VT is an advanced IT product of the latest generation. In order to achieve the best translation results, it works with 7 online search engines. The manufacturer has even more than 20 years of experience in the market of education and translation in various world languages. Anobic is constantly expanding and updating its OTA database directly to your device to provide the most effective handheld tool for translation into other languages ​​of nowadays.


  • Multiple Languages Translation: Support up to 35 languages translation, each language can be translated to each other. Easy to meet your multilingual translation needs so that you will no longer feel embarrassed about transnational communication.
  • 2.4-inch IPS touch screen: simple and elegant design, allows wonderful visual experience and smooth and sensitive operation.
  • Wi-Fi/4G wireless connection: supports 4G/Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet at high speed, making the translation more convenient and accurate.
  • Hi-Fi recording sound quality: built-in Hi-Fi speaker, high-definition recording, automatic recognition of noise, always keep voice clear.
  • Use longer: 1300 mAh large capacity polymer battery, ensures super endurance to meet your travelling needs, support working time for up to 8 hours.
  • Small and exquisite: Handheld size, small and portable, so convenient to carry with wherever you go.

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str. V Polich 8
Prague, 140 00, CR

+420 777 333 779
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